Residential Care

3H Youth Ranch

The 3H Youth Ranch uses the power of nature as a tool to build new purpose, strengthen character, and engender personal integrity in young men. The balance of wilderness experiences such as camping, coupled with classroom and vocational education, creates a positive environment for boys to grow emotionally, intellectually, and physically. The treatment program is based on the aims and ideals of Scouting. 

The atmosphere is safe, structured, and supervised by a trained team of professionals and promotes acceptance of authority, responsibility for personal actions, and skills building. Each youth has an individualized treatment plan designed to ensure success upon return to his family and community.


All boys attend school on-site provided by the University of Texas Charter School System. Upon placement, each boy is assessed and placed at his level of need. We have exceptional educators that work individually and collectively to inspire each boy to reach his full potential.

Community Service

Boys at 3H learn the value of citizenship by volunteering in their local community, working on projects such as Adopt a Highway, helping maintain city and county parks, performing trail work at nearby national parks, and many other opportunities throughout the year.

High Adventure

Multiple times each year, boys can earn the opportunity to participate in a high adventure trip.  Each adventure involves camping in tents, cooking out, and experiencing the power and challenges of nature firsthand. Hiking, fishing, backpacking, and challenge courses are on the agenda and the experience provides our boys with unique opportunities to feel a sense of accomplishment, success, and pride.


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